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The Internship: Part Two

July 30, 2011

I’ve been interning at the corporate headquarters of a commercial bank for the past two months. It’s been eye-opening to leave the classroom and see what a corporation looks like on the inside. The group I’m working with this summer does a lot of financial reporting for the SEC and Federal Reserve. They also prepare some variance analyses and managerial reports as well. The main focus on my internship is to help out with the quarter end filing of the 10Q. There are various schedules and tables in the 10Q that basically consist of data copied and pasted from other tables in the 10Q. These are the reports I’ve been working on. It’s probably difficult for my department to hire an intern because their work carries a lot of responsibility, so I’ve been given assignments that are almost impossible to screw up. I don’t mind though, the pay is too good to complain!

Now that quarter-end has been wrapping up, I will be doing a few presentations. Every week, all of the bank’s interns get together and have lunch with a leader of the company, someone high-ranking that many employees never get to see. Before each leader lunch, a couple interns give a presentation about the speaker for that day. My presentation is coming right up, so I’m pretty pumped. I’ve sat through a lot of presentations filled with corporate jibberish for the last two months, so mine will be short, simple, and engaging. If I do a good enough job it might improve my chances of getting a full-time offer. Only time will tell.

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