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June 2, 2011

The purpose of this blog is to help accounting majors through the complex transition from campus to the workplace. I will share job search strategies that have worked for me and will write about experiences in the classroom and on the job.

After taking several accounting classes at my college, my interests gravitated more toward private accounting than public. After taking a tax class I couldn’t dream of working on tax returns all day, and the very mention of the word “audit” just kills my mood. However, I absolutely loved cost and financial accounting when I first took those classes. For me, solving problems to figure out a company’s costs was fun.

Last summer I spent hours researching accounting careers and tried to find out what the workplace environment was really like. Eventually I found blogs such as The Anonymous Accountant Angry Accountants, and after sifting through literally hundreds of comments describing the intense work environment of the Big Four accounting firms, I decided to primarily focus on getting a job in industry right out of college.

Since many blogs of young accounting professionals tend to focus on the public accounting profession, I would like to offer my insights of the corporate finance world to help accounting majors evaluate their potential career paths.

Stay tuned…

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